Whitepark Bay


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At one end of this beautiful sweeping bay, sheltered below the cliffs from the prevailing winds  lies  the small fishing hamlet of Portbraddon and at the other end the myriad basalt islands that surround Ballintoy harbour.  Whitepark Bay was one  of the first settlements of man in Ireland and evidence of these Neolithic settlers are continually being exposed  on the raised beach and sand dune system. It is known that the manufacturing and exporting of axes and arrow heads took place from here, the limestone cliffs being a rich source of  flint nodules. Three passage tombs stand on the high points of surrounding hills overlooking the bay, the most striking being the dolmen known as the Druid's Altar which was placed on the highest point above the bay. The area is breathtaking in its beauty and pristine landscape and an excellent location to base yourself to explore the wonderful North Antrim coast from. The dune system is a declared area of scientific interest and exposed near the beach edge are the remains of an old summer school. The beach area contains rip currents which have claimed lives over the years, before swimming or surfing, you should make yourself  aware of them. Knowing where they are and understanding what could save your life. For more information on local and rip currents in general refer to this thesis by John Shaw.

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