PPortrush County Antrim



                       Old Railway Station                                     Signal Box and Water Tanks                                              The Arcadia

In the 1800's, proposals were made to create a railway link around the north coast from Portrush to Ballycastle. Although surveys and costing were done it never came to fruition but in 1883 the Giants Causeway, Portrush and Bush Valley Tramway Company opened the world's first narrow gauge hydro-electric tramway from Portrush to Bushmills. Initially the line ran to Bushmills with a later extension to the Giants Causeway. Using the Seimens electric railway system it derived power from water turbines at the Walkmill Falls at Bushmills, the project was pioneered by Col. William Traill of Ballyclough, Bushmills. From 1883 until its closure in 1949 visitors were able to arrive in Portrush by train or ship and journey by tram to the Giant's Causeway along one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in Ulster. The line from the Giants Causeway to Bushmills  re-opened in  2001 using a Peckett and a Barclay steam locomotive and a Simplex Diesel locomotive. Portrush today, having come through the doldrums of the 70s and 80s is shaping up well, its inherent beauty and architecture is looking better as the years past and slowly being recognized as the jewel to be preserved for tourism rather than demolished for new apartments. A voluntary community group have been working hard to develop many environmental schemes and these are starting to pay dividends in enhancing the environmental spaces of the town.