Plaque in Ballintoy Church David Elder HMS Defence

  David Elder Jamieson came from the townland of Knocksoughey - where his family relatives still live. He joined the Royal Navy and worked his way through the ranks to become First Class Petty Officer and was assigned to  HMS Defence under the Command of Admiral Arbuthnot.  HMS Defence was  a 1st class armoured cruiser of the Minotaur class and displaced some 14,600 tons, her armaments included  four 9.2inch primary guns, ten 7.5inch secondary guns, sixteen 12 pounders and five 18inch submerged torpedo tubes. She was built at the Pembroke Dockyard and commissioned into the Home Fleet 1909. In 1912 she served on the China Station, in 1913 she was transferred to the Mediterranean Station where she remained until 1914 when she finally joined the 1st cruiser squadron and became the flagship of Admiral Sir R. Artbuthnot. At the Battle of Jutland she was leading her squadron ahead of the main battle fleet, the cruiser engaged with light scouting forces of the German High Seas Fleet, in these engagements she damaged and brought to a stop the crippled German cruiser the Wiesbaden. As she closed in to sink the Wiesbaden she came in range of the German Battle Fleet and was smothered by fire from the Derfflinger and four battle cruiser leading the main German Fleet - at 6.20am on May 31st she was seen to explode and sink with the loss of 903 men, there were no survivors.  Photograph by kind permission of David & Stanley Jamieson