Sculpture of Child Rosamund Praeger Front Porch

Rosamund Praeger from Hollywood, County Down, produced the sculpture inside the porch which depicts the story of the Children of Lir and shows Finnoula in human form sheltering her swan brothers during their exile on the seas of Moyle. By the same artist and located on the wall outside the entrance is another beautiful  bronze sculpture of a small girl. The School is open to visitors from 11am. During term time it is widely used for living history lesson by visiting schools. One of the teacher's who taught at the old school and at the new school too, was Daniel McConaghy, he spent some of his free time down below the cliffs near the causeway where he carved a wonderful life size face on a rock near the waters edge. One of his pupils at the old school was Robert Quigg V.C. who along with other pupils would have been required to bring a lump of turf to school each day during winter to keep the fire stoked and the classroom warm. The Causeway School is well worth a visit and if you miss it, you miss something very special and 'unique' to the Giants Causeway. It has its own car parking facilities which are accessed from the main road beside the school, it is also adjacent to the Giants Causeway Centre car park.