Bushmills Whiskey Distillery


Diamond Alphabet Angel Diamond

Bushmills was formerly known as Portcaman, it developed with water powered industries of the 1600's to became one of the main centre's for corn, flax, spade and whiskey production. The river once powered seven mills along its stretch through the village, one of the first mills in County Antrim existed here. The Diamond area is typical of many old traditional Ulster towns and villages where the corners are gathering places for the exchange of news and banter, a way of life that passes silently from one generation to another. As it does in many Ulster villages, The War Memorial stands in tribute to the young men who left these same corners and rural fields never to return. Their story and bravery told by only a few who returned, like Robert Quigg V.C. from the townland of Ardihannon. The village has a unique North Antrim quality and is recognised as being authentic in the Ulster Scots tongue, the 'Alphabet Angel' one of the world's first physical markers to the tongue was created with the community by the sculptor Ross Wilson and was unveiled in 2004. A walk along the Main Street will reveal the odd shop or bar that can only be described as living heritage. Desognated a conservation area and with over ninety listed buildings. The community hopes this will be enough to conserve the unique character of Bushmills for generation to come and keep developers within enforced guidelines.