War Graves Church Tower St. Patrick's Window Graveyard

Inside the church which is open to the public are two beautiful stained glass windows, one depicts Saint Patrick at Slemish mountain. Like so many small rural village in Ulster, young men from the area volunteered to go and fight for the cause of freedom and many lost their lives in the ensuing conflict. One of these was a David Elder Jamieson who lost his life aboard HMS Defence at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. A memorial plaque to him exists inside the church which was placed there by his mother and sister.  Outside in the graveyard you will also find, like in Bonamargie Friary and  Rathlin Island,  the graves of  men lost on HMS Racoon and HMS Viknor during the First World War. In Ballintoy are the graves of  P.E. Green RN J/64519,  F.C. Sarez Stoker K/44331,  E.R. Hewett RN J/27300 1st Boy and W. Griffin - the Ship's cook from HMS Racoon. Two fields away from the church in the direction of Whitepark Bay and close to the cliff edge is the site of another 'famine' graveyard.