The White Rocks near Portrush,County Antrim - a beautiful beach and cave area ideal for walking, a favourite place for Victorian holidaymakers


Stretching from Curran Strand to Dunluce Castle are the unique limestone cliffs of the White Rocks. These soft sedimentary rocks have been carved through centuries into a labyrinth of caves and arches, magical headlands of distinguishable forms rise out of the ocean with names like Shelagh's Head, the Giants Head, the Wishing Arch, Elephant Rock and the Lion's Paw, while underneath the road you drive upon, huge cavernous caves, accessible only from the sea are home to scores of seabirds and the hunting ground for hawks. The caves are exceptional and one of the hidden treasures to be discovered along the coast. On the main coast road you will find pull-in areas and a large car park where you can take in the incredible views of the headlands to the Giants Causeway and back to Portrush and Donegal. The cliffs are best viewed along the pathway or better still from a boat, where the true beauty and awe of the many arches can be appreciated. The  beach  area has many grassy knolls with sea views and  is ideal for picnics, car parking and toilet facilities are also located close to the beach. You will also find  the second largest  sand dune in Ireland situated a few hundred metres up the beach, the largest being at Ballyness, Donegal. One word of caution, make yourself aware of the  location of the two rip current that are active at the White Rocks, these are easily avoided but dangerous to the unaware. Most beaches have rip currents which are a natural part of beach dynamics. For more information on local and rip currents in general refer to a thesis carried out by John Shaw at Portballintrae.