Old Hostel Whitepark Bay

The Dolmen

Ballitoy Church sunset

The largest dolmen or passage grave in the area is situated at the east end of Altmore townland, and  commands panoramic views over the surrounding landscape and out across Whitepark Bay to Bengore and Scotland.  One of three local 'dolmen' sites, the location is difficult to find and restrictive, permission is best sought to cross the private land necessary to reach this ancient relic. The North Antrim coast is fortunate in having many ancient sites to visit -  passage graves, standing stones, cairns, souterriens and  old forts are scattered around the landscape.  Perhaps what makes the Ballintoy area so appealing is its variety of interests - a  stunning landscape ideal for the artist,  the flora and fauna - Whitepark Bay has been designated an area of Scientific Interest due to its flora and fauna. Rare wild orchids can be found around the locality,  the geology is wonderful - Jurrasic clays, volcanic rock, limestone and flint deposits, fossilized shellfish and ammonites to find along the beach. The locality is perfect for walkers, being on the 'Ulster Way' it is possible to walk around the cliffs to the Giants Causeway and beyond.