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Bushmills has some wonderful examples of period architecture along its streets, it is also fortunate in having an  example of work by the famous architect Clough Williams-Ellis  who designed  the  Old Grammer School and also the Causeway School. The river though, will always be a focal point to the village and a reminder of its past heritage. Today Palmer's Mill, one of the two remaining mills of the village has been renovated back to its original condition with a meticulous eye to detail. It looks exactly the same today as it would have done  one hundred years ago when horses and carts would bring grain in from the surrounding farms. The renovation stands as a credit to its owner and and excellent example of how heritage and modern needs can work together within a conservation areas. On the opposite bank another mill has been restored to its former glory with only a wheel needing replaced to complete it.  Behind the town's listed frontages lie many of the  'still to be preserved' and perhaps some the most 'important' example of the villages heritage - stables, tailor lofts, coach yards, walled gardens, archways and even a Georgian farmyard. A Townscape Heritage Initiative will hopefully help bring back even more of the architectural heritage of the village. The old Court House and Legion Hall, formerly a schoolhouse are both on the way to being renovated by their owner.