Bushmills Inn                                                         Finn MacCools                                                  The Scotch Tavern

Another well known attraction of the village along with the distillery is the salmon, each year these ocean travellers navigate their way across the Atlantic ocean back to the Bush. How they find their way still remains a natural mystery but if you enjoy watching salmon jumping over rushing torrents of water then a visit to the Walkmill Falls is well worth taking - here the salmon encounter the biggest obstacle on their long journey home. Years ago the salmon would have been caught by net between the two bridges and some local elder's can remember the banks being lined 'silver with fish', nowadays the runs are not so abundant, the stocks are physically under threat from netting and over fishing in the north Atlantic while biologically they are threatened by the introduction and escape of farmed salmon. The village is recognised as the gateway to the Giants Causeway and is in the process of developing a cultural tourism strategy that will see the current two festivals, The Causeway Hammered Dulcimer Festival and the Finn MacCool Festival developed and two more festival introduced during the Autumn and Spring. The Ulster Scots tongue is part of everyday life in the village, this is marked and celebrated by the Alphabet Angel, a bronze figure created by the sculpture Ross Wilson through a community lead project. The first physical marker to the tongue in Europe if not the world.